Simple Timing

Welcome to my mini-series, y’all! I’m so glad you’ve decided to check out the first edition! I’d just like to preface everything by saying I am NOT a theologian. I’m not seminary-trained. These posts don’t reflect the view of a particular denomination or church, and they don’t come from any author or theorist. They’re my own thoughts. This is my understanding of the Gospel and my idea of what Christianity is. So take that for what its worth ūüôā

One of my best friends is not a Christian. In fact, she doesn’t really know much about Christianity at all. So she asked me about a month ago to “tutor” her in Christianity. She told me that she wants to know what I get so excited about. She asked me if I had some time to “tutor” her once a week and share the Gospel with her. Naturally, I said “Of course not, I’m far too busy for that.”

Just kidding. I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down and giggling with excitement. “I’d¬†love¬†to.”

As we began talking, I realized that there were some basic understandings of Christianity that she didn’t have. I realized that for¬†anything about Christianity to make sense, she needed to understand these central ideas.

Ironically, I thought to myself, these basic principles are probably some of the most under-taught, overlooked concepts in the Christian faith.

I believe that for any of us to truly understand God’s word, we need to understand two things:

1. God is outside of time.

2. God is 3 parts- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Now you maybe sitting there thinking Well, I can quit reading this blog now because I already know those things. But hear me out.

Let’s address number 1 this week:¬†God is outside of time

God is so far removed from our notion of time, that we have a hard time comprehending how He works.


My dad once explained it to me like this: God’s idea of time is like reading a book. Let’s say today represents page 76. God can pick up the book and on page 76, Rachel is writing a blog. Then he can set it down and go about his Godly business and then he can pick it up again and turn to page 76 where Rachel is still writing a blog. He can set it down again, and then maybe later he’ll pick it up and turn to page 105 where Rachel is now making dinner.

God isn’t bound by time. He can pick up the book and turn to any page he pleases. At any given moment, God can be 30 pages ahead or 30 pages behind page 76. He can be thirty years in the future, or thirty days in the past. His time is not linear.

Think about that.

God is in every moment.

The implications of this concept are endless.

The creation of the world and evolution can be linked through this concept. Because 1 “God day” does not equal 1, 24-hour day.

The idea of God’s plan can be explained through this concept. People ask me all the time, how can God have a plan for us if we have free will? Does he control our future. Well no, of course not- that’s not free will. But, since God is already thirty pages ahead, he knows your future.


Jeremiah 1:5 says “‚ÄúBefore I formed you in the womb¬†I knew¬†you,¬†before you were born¬†I set you apart;¬†I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.‚ÄĚ

God is in the business of knowing our future. He¬†doesn’t control our future, he simply already knows it.

That’s where prayer comes in.

See how this basic principle is becoming increasingly more important?

When my friends are struggling with something, a lot of the time I’ll say “I’ll pray for you!” or “You’re in my prayers!” or I’ll even ask “Have you prayed about it?”

And a lot of the time the response I get is “What does prayer do? Why pray if God can’t control our future?”

The best answer I can think of is related to God’s timing. Because God is outside of time and because he is already thirty pages ahead of me, he knows what is going to happen in the next chapter. I can pray for guidance. I can pray for strength. I can pray for discernment. I can pray for help.

Prayer has everything to do with God’s notion of time.

Through prayer we are equipped.

It’s like traveling. I need to get from Point A to Point B. I can wander around aimlessly, or I can use the GPS on my phone. Prayer is just like a GPS. As you go along, the GPS adapts to help you make the right turn at the right time. If you make a mistake- “Re-routing.”

Prayer guides us along. Over time God’s guidance is revealed to us and it can help us to make the right decision at the right time. If we make a mistake, His guidance adapts. God isn’t forcing¬†us do anything, just like the GPS isn’t forcing you to go to Point B. God already knows where you’re at 30 pages in advance, just like the GPS already knows where Point B is before you’ve even left Point A.

(Disclaimer: This is not all that prayer is- but that is for another blog at another time)


I have some really awesome friends that love to geek out about church things with me, and one day we were having an incredible conversation about this exact topic.

I said, “God is ten years in the past, God is here, and God is ten years in the future- all at the same time! He is perpetually in every single moment.”

Then my good friend says “Then Jesus is perpetually hanging on the cross.”


Jesus is literally hanging on the cross to save our souls forever. It is not something that he did once and it was over- it is something that he is doing every second of every day.

God is outside of time.

God is so far removed from our notion of time, that we have a hard time comprehending how He works.

In the coming days I hope you remember that God is simply not bound by our time. Time is just like everything else in this universe- a creation of God. As you grapple with evolution, free will, and prayer, I hope you remember how God’s notion of time changes everything. I also hope you remember in the coming days that our human time springs forward this weekend. (See what I did there?)¬†Don’t forget we lose an hour of sleep this weekend!


Stay tuned for the next post in the series: #2. God is 3 Parts- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! It’s more exciting than you think (maybe?). It’s another concept that I think is not taught well enough to young people or new comers in the church and its crucial to understanding God’s love story.¬†


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