Simply Well

Have you ever had that awkward encounter with someone where they’ve asked you how you are, and you respond with something like, “Oh, hey, I’m good.” And then that one person, whoever they are, says “Actually, I think you mean that you are well.” And you duck your head and run away because you’re having flashbacks to sixth grade English grammar lessons and you feel sick. Anyone ever experienced that?

Okay, slightly kidding on the running away part, but has anyone ever told you to say that you are “well” and not “good?” 

I’ve been told that for a while. (My mother being and English teacher may or may not have had something to do with that.) I’ve known for years that I’m supposed to say “I’m well,” not “I’m good,” yet I continually tell people the latter. 

Why is that?

I started thinking about the idea of being well several months ago. What does it take to be well?

Have you ever taken a health class? Biology maybe? Any class that talked about the 7 Dimensions of Wellness? There are, of course, variations on this subject- 5 pillars, 7 units, 3 aspects- but they’re all fundamentally the same. 

Generally, a health class or a biology class touches on what it takes to be considered “well.” The health class I took used 7 Pillars of Wellness, and they were Physical wellness, Social wellness, Emotional wellness, Environmental wellness, Intellectual wellness, Occupational wellness, and Spiritual wellness. So, to be considered generally “well,” you have to be in a good state in each of these areas.


Do you know what it means to be “good?” Good: (adj) satisfactory in quality. 

No wonder you’ve told everyone and their mother who has asked you in the last five years that you’re “good,” because frankly, you don’t have time to sit and analyze whether or not you are in a good state of physical, social, emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational and spiritual wellness. Who has that much time to devote to answer a question that gets asked five to ten times a day?


Several months ago I sat down and asked myself, “Am I well?” And the truth was scary. I wasn’t well. There were changes I needed to make to seek wellness

The biggest areas I felt I was lacking in were spiritual, physical, and intellectual wellness. 

I’ve felt disconnected from God for a while now. I have just lost my fire.

I haven’t been working out. I’ve been eating things that aren’t wonderful for my body.

And college is intellectually exhausting. My mind is on overload all day- everyday. 

So I began a journey to seek wellness- body, mind, and spirit. 


I’ve signed up to do a half marathon in May. (Check out my story on that here) I’ve also started cutting out processed food and food that has virtually no nutritional value. 

I created time set aside specifically for studying the Word and spending time talking and listening to my Maker. I joined a Bible study and went on a campus ministry retreat. 

I’ve started writing for fun. I’ve set aside time every day to just sit down and write because I know it is good for my mind.

I’ve taken the first steps in becoming truly well. Wellness, I have learned, is much more than just “satisfactory in quality.” It is being healthy from the inside out. It is looking at every area of your life and adjusting, continually striving for healthiness and happiness. 

I’ve begun my journey toward wellness. 

I hope that in the coming days you’ll take the time to ask yourself how you’re doing. Really think about it. 

Are you well?



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