Simply Now

Have you ever been in a waiting room?

They’re everywhere. Doctor’s offices, dentist’s office, the Dean’s office, the rector’s office, the professor’s office, the airport, the trainstation, the hotel, the bosse’s office, the insurance place, the DMV….

Some places call them something else. A lobby, a waiting area, the narthex, the foyer, or maybe just a couch outside a room.

The point is, you sit there and you wait, anxious to get done whatever is is that you’re there to do. I just want to check this off my list. 

I have this really horrible habit of turning my life into a waiting room.

I just want to this class to be over. I just want this exam to be over. I just want this shift to be done. I’m just waiting for winter to be behind us. I just want to be in high school. I just want to have my license. I just want to graduate. I just want this semester to be over. I just need these next three weeks to pass quickly. I’m just waiting for the weekend. I just want to be done with college. I just want a job. I just want to be married. I just want to have kids. I’m just waiting for retirement. 

One day I sat down and realized I had wished high school away. And then freshman year of college. And then the summer.


But I’ve learned some things from a few extraordinary people I’ve met this year.

1. Take advantage of the present moment.

2. Take advantage of your age, because you will never be this age again.

3. Make the most of every situation.

4. Attitude changes everything.

5. If you’re in a situation that sucks, find other people in the same situation and make each other laugh.

6. Stop waiting, start doing.

I have this theory that our culture is eaten up with a new phenomenon, and I call it the “What’s Next” phenomenon.

It starts at a young age and you spend you’re whole childhood playing house and pretending that you’re the older sister. And then you’re in high school and you look at college with awe. And then you graduate college and you realize that adulthood is nothing like you thought. People are wondering why you’re not married, or when you’re having kids and so on.

We need to turn the “What’s Next” Phenomenon into the “It’s Now” Phenomenon.


We have to stop waiting for this to pass us by and that to be over. We need to stop wishing away our days and years waiting for the next step.

There is worth and beauty and a chance to grow in every moment. The challenge is to find it and appreciate it.


So, I hope in the coming days you take advantage of every moment. I hope you take advantage of your youth, no matter how old you are. I hope you make the most of even that worst situations. I hope you change your attitude to only see the best. And I hope you find a group of people who will make you laugh and support you through it all.

Living simply means to simply enjoy life. It means to see the beauty in every moment. It means to stop wasting your time sitting in a waiting room.

P.S. As I was writing this, I was listening to my favorite Pandora station and the song “Do It Now” by Ingrid Michaelson came on. Coincidences are cool.


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