Simply Committed

Do you ever make New Year’s Resolutions?

Like, “This year, I’m going to work out every single day,” or “This year I am going to study harder.”

And then by February you’re back to your old habits? 

I do that all the time. But not just on New Year’s Eve, I do it all year long. 

Sometimes, I really lack commitment. 


The problem is, commitment takes a lot of work. It takes looking beyond the now and feeling the joy of accomplishment in the future. 

It takes saying no to the T.V. show to go through notecards. It takes saying no to your friends to spend time with your significant other. It takes saying no to your significant other to maintain your frienships. It takes giving up sleep to go to church. It takes hard work. It takes letting go of past failures. It takes looking forward with determination. 

Last year was a hard year for me. It was my first year in college. It was the first time I was truly responsible for my faith. It was my first time struggling to find the right group of friends. It was the first time my grades weren’t good enough for something. 

It took until this year for all of those things to work out. 

It took a lot of commitment. 

But I was committing to the wrong things. 

Psalm 37:5 says “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act.”

I finally learned over the summer that if I would commit to the Lord, he would rescue me. He would protect me, He would guide me, He would help me. 

So, that’s what I did. I prayerfully sought God. I made a commitment to serve the Lord and put my God first. And it’s amazing how my problems were resolved. 


So in the coming days, I challege you to re-commit yourself. Re-commit yourself to everything it takes to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Re-commit yourself to serving our Father. Re-commit yourself to studying. Re-commit yourself to your friends. Re-commit yourself to your significant other. Re-commit yourself to your job. Re-commit yourself to achieving happiness. Re-commit yourself to living simply.  


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