Simply Lost

Do you ever get lost?

Like, really lost? Not like the oops-I-made-a-wrong-turn kind of lost, but the I-seriously-have-no-clue-where-I-am-and-no-way-of-figuring-out-how-to-get-back-to-where-I-am-supposed-to-be kind of lost?

See, I think situations like the latter are kind of rare these days because of cell phones and Tom-toms and Garmins. So maybe a lot of you haven’t experienced this feeling of utter and complete lostness

But just try your best to imagine it.

You’re driving along without a GPS or a map, care free. It’s sunny, the windows are down and you’re listening to some Jack Johnson on the back roads. Then suddenly you think you’ve missed your turn.  It’s a two lane highway and you can’t turn around until you hit the next drive way. So finally you turn around and start heading back and then you make your turn. And you drive for miles and miles and nothing looks familiar and then suddenly you don’t think you’re on the right road anymore. So you pull over and grab your phone and call a few people for some help but no one answers. You try to use your phone’s GPS but it’s convinced that you’re in a different state. Then it starts to rain. Your ipod has died and not even Jack is there to comfort you anymore. You start your car and begin to drive again, and now the gas light is blinking at you. You’re lost and alone and a slow fear creeps into your mind. You will never get out of here. You are alone. You are lost.

It’s a good practice to get lost. I try to make a regular thing of it. I am probably the most directionally challenged person you will ever meet. You put me in a straight hallway with four doors, and I will find some way to get lost. But I’m ok with it. I think there is something extraordinary in getting lost. I’ve learned a lot. Here are some of the lessons I have learned in my extensive background of getting lost:

1. Getting worked up doesn’t help -no need to cry, no need to get angry. Keep a good attitude.

2. Be polite, and people will help you.

3. Being very late with a smile on your face is better than being a little late with smudged make-up and a bad attitude.

4. There is always a way to get where you’re supposed to be.

5. You are never alone.

So, remember that fear that was slowly setting in? That I will never get out of here feeling? That I am so alone feeling? Well in those moments, I have learned, it’s best to calmly close your eyes and just pray.


Deuteronomy 31:8 says “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

I think a lot of times we forget that our God is with us always. There is no reason to fear, to cry, or to become angry. We just need to remember to keep a positive attitude and trust in our Maker.

You don’t have to be standing in the rain trying to make your GPS work in the middle of a field to feel lost. You can be sitting on your living room couch and feel lost.

But the solution is still the same.


Getting lost can be testing. It can be hard to handle and hard to recover from. But in the end you will always be found again. And there are few things more beautiful than when a parent and child are reunited, just check out Luke 15:32.

It’s a good practice to get lost. 


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